Most individuals want the power of personalized planning and to benefit from the resources of leading financial institutions but can’t find it in one firm.

Financial Care Providers has spent decades building relationships so that one, independent firm can be your spot for personalized planning backed by large financial firms and area professionals. 

Trusted Partners

At Financial Care Providers we want to work for YOU, our clients.  Not a product vendor or a Broker Dealer. Financial Care Providers and our clients are backed by and have access to some of the best research, products, and resources of some of the largest firms in the country. We are independent, and proud of it.

Geneos Wealth Management Inc

Geneos was built from the ground-up by successful advisors and back-office experts that understand advisors.  Geneos seeks to foster a culture of caring, professionalism, and progressive problem solving, back by a proven track record of success.

They have proven that they are truly invested and committed with each making efforts to secure my, and my clients, best interests.  This means acting as a full-service resource center, and delivering Financial Care Providers in-depth service, and an open architecture so we can develop our business around the needs of our clients.

CG Advisory Services

CG Advisory Services first opened for business in Haslett, Michigan in 2004.  CG Advisory Services manages $2.2 billion in assets throughout 14,879 customer accounts, placing it among the largest investment advisory firms in the nation by assets under management (AUM).  They offer multiple financial services, which includes financial planning services and portfolio management for individuals and small businesses.

CG Advisory Services Form CRS